Give Hope is growing! We'll keep you posted on projects we're working on and other exciting news!


Finished projects:

  • Replaced School Bus
  • 3 school buildings
  • 1 orphan home building
  • cooking area
  • wall around perimeter
  • driveway
  • chicken coup
  • well
  • kitchen


current projects & Funding need:

  • $5,000: Classroom Inside Finishing
  • $6,000: restroom and piping construction
    • 80% complete
  • $13,000: construction of two additional classrooms
    • 75% complete
  • $9,000: one new orphan home building
  • $2,400: internet connectivity and computer lab
  • $2,000: new desks, tables, and chairs
  • $9,000: long term visitor and volunteer housing

Our Well is Finished

In April 2016, we broke ground on a well that will provide a consistent source of clean water. We had been walking 5 kilometers for clean water, and the well will allow us to improve efficiency while ensuring the health of our students.


our perimeter wall is up

As of December 2015, the wall around the campus is finished and will provide added protection from the road traffic. We've also installed a gate at the entrance.



We've got chickens

In February 2016 we purchased 1,000 chickens for use in a sustainable livery project on campus. Students learn to care for the chickens and gather eggs, while proceeds go towards funding the orphan care at Give Hope.

Our students pass exam

  • All our Primary 7 students who tested in Primary Leaving Exams passed the Uganda National Examination Board Exams! This has happened 3 times since our first Class in 2016