A Response to a Need

Rising from an impoverished, orphaned childhood in Busia, Ugandan native Willy Ouma founded Give Hope Ministries to offer children the opportunity for a brilliant and educated future.

Our ministry began as a response to the needs of the community. Willy’s small hometown in eastern Uganda lacks widespread access to quality education, and is home to one of the country’s most serious orphan crises as a result of the AIDS epidemic. We exist to meet these needs by providing a high quality education for children, income-generation skills for their families, and a nurturing home for orphans and homeless children in the community.

After a tumultuous childhood, Willy experienced a burst of hope. A Christian international ministry offered the support he needed to complete his education — and excel in it. Willy went on to complete his degree and facilitate a primary school for that organization. Burdened with a desire to see hope restored to his own community and holding the expertise of an education professional, he moved back to Busia to start Give Hope.

We believe in these children. And having an opportunity to speak — not only hope in their lives, but a daily hope — it brings us joy.

Directed by Willy, our campus is run by a team of teachers, staff, and orphan caretakers to ensure quality education and care is provided to the children. We boldly proclaim the hope found in Jesus Christ, and seek to teach our children the lasting hope that can only be found through Him.

Once offered a chance, Willy now offers his students the opportunity to embrace learning and to take hold of the hope found in faith and in community.

Founder Willy Ouma directs Give Hope Ministries in Busia, Uganda. He enjoys spending time with his wife Autumn, daughter Zoe, son Zach and daughter Audrey.



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