Education is essential.

Quality education is essential in helping children overcome poverty. In Uganda, it is difficult to find a high quality private school with affordable tuition. Families work hard to give their children the best education they can afford, and most private schools are profitable due to the significant demand.

But not everyone can afford tuition.

For children without families, the opportunity to attend school is almost non-existent. While orphanages exist in Uganda, they rely on continual revenue streams from western organizations. If that funding dries up or donor interest moves on, children suffer.

Our Sustainable Model.

We provide a sustainable model to fund orphan care through the profits of a private school. Profits from paying students’ tuition is reinvested to pay for food, lodging, and tuition for orphans who live on campus in small group homes.

Our tuition rates are competitive, and we are able to attract families in the community by hiring the best teachers and by providing tuition-paying families with opportunities to engage in sustainable, income-generating activities on campus.

Our team works with the community to insure that caregivers can afford tuition. The Give Hope Ministries campus offers entrepreneurship skills as a way of equipping and empowering families with income generating abilities. Students and their families take ownership of farming the campus land, as well as caring for a sustainable livery practice.


We want to see each child thrive.

Instead of requiring monthly financial assistance to sustain operations, we are looking for people to help with initial investments. There are a number of upfront costs including construction, school supplies, desks, and much more. Once the Give Hope campus is fully built and outfitted, it will both sustain…and be sustained by the community!

Please prayerfully consider joining us as we finish building and expanding Give Hope Ministries. Each gift will be contributed towards our current goals.