Give Hope Ministries Update

Previous Post from Monday, 03 December 2012

Hello everyone!

The fundraising campaign for Give Hope Ministries is in full swing, and we have many blessings to share with you!

It has been so refreshing to meet with many Godly men and women all across the country. At each location I visit, I have been blessed beyond words by the people there. I am realizing that I have family all over the world!

While in California, I was revitalized by my host family’s generosity and by the church community. It was a wonderful start to the trip, and the church there provided my soul with much needed refreshment.

I was able to meet with several people that helped with the business side of the ministry. Then, as a surprise, a friend from Ohio surprised me and flew out to meet me in San Diego! We spent wonderful time together and he was a great encouragement to me. As we were returning from the beach one day, my host told me that I had an opportunity to meet with someone from the nearby Hispanic church to share the vision of Give Hope Ministries. We went directly there and I talked with the pastor of the church. He then asked me to share God’s word and our ministry’s vision to the congregation that same evening. I was still in my swim trunks! But God reminded me that we must be ready to share in season and out, so I spoke to the brethren what God laid on my heart. I shared about the orphanage and school campus we are building in Busia, and immediately afterwards the congregation decided to take an offering and become a church partner with Give Hope Ministries! Thank you Jesus!

From California I flew to Wisconsin, and I really enjoyed staying with the family there — they have such beautiful hearts! My host spoke to all her friends about what we are doing in Uganda and we visited many churches. On one visit, I went with her to visit a prison. While there, I met a man named Cesar and told him about the work God is doing in Busia, Uganda. He was very interested in our story and committed to donating. I was so humbled — a prisoner of six years wanted to partner with Give Hope Ministries! This really captured my spirit and God is using it to challenge my heart as I continue raising support for GHM. It is such a blessing to see God working in peoples’ lives!

I was able to spend a weekend in Chicago visiting friends from college, and it was great encouragement for me. The following week, an open house meeting was planned to speak with those interested in partnering with us. God is providing people that want to get involved in all kinds of different ways. Two amazing young men even want to teach at our campus! As we continue raising funds for the completion of the building project, God continues to support and guide the vision that he has given to me.

I am thrilled by peoples’ eagerness to make a difference in the lives of little ones in Busia, Uganda. If you would like to partner with us, please visit our giving page.

Thank you for praying with us!