School Launch

Previous Post from Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Dear Family and Friends,

Give Hope Ministries is humbled to announce that on March 10th 2013, we officially opened doors to Proverbs Junior Academy. This term we have over 60 kids enrolled and we will be adding more kids next term. Additionally, we have been blessed to complete construction of the classrooms and are nearing completion of the doors, windows, and interior paintwork. This semester, there are several orphans attending the school. As we learn the process of documentation of new orphans and begin the construction of home units, more will be admitted.

Two women from Pennsylvania visited the school recently to help train and provide resources for our teachers. They also spent some time with the students and brought a number of school supplies. We are so grateful to our volunteers!

We currently have seven teachers on staff: Joseph Wandera (head teacher), Betty Ajiambo, Robert, Linda, Dorothy, Grace and Hellen. We also have a wonderful cook, Madam Juliet who provides breakfast and lunch for the students. Please pray for our staff.

In April, I had the opportunity to visit the homes of several children and spoke with their caregivers on the value of education. I also visited a Muslim family who were very excited about the school and supportive of their child’s education. I was very surprised and thankful that they have allowed all their three children to study with us even though they know we are teaching their kids about Christ. This interaction was such a great encouragement to the team and to me.

After school we are playing soccer with the youth at the orphanage school as one way of reaching out to them with the gospel. The kids love it!

Additionally, please pray about an exciting development that is still in its early stages. We are beginning conversations with the World Vision office in Busia about what it would look like to partner with them in a variety of areas.

We have finished exams for this first term and will be on school break until classes resume on May 20th. Thank you for your continued prayers and support as we move forward with plans to expand the school and begin work on the housing complexes for the orphans.

Many blessings and lots of love from Busia, Uganda.
Willy Ouma