Wow already 2018 year is upon us. We are so grateful to GOD for providing everything we have been praying about in 2017. Certainly we could not do it without the Partners and Donors helping these children grow in so many ways. Continue in your Prayers and Support in 2018 and beyond.

We prayed for a replacement school bus for the children. It is on the way! Thank you for all you have done to help us get this much-needed part of supporting each child’s growth. Watch for pictures shortly.

We have over 200 children getting clean water from the drilled well last year. The facility is maturing as the plants along with the kids are growing.

First of the year is always busy as the third graduating class is also getting ready for those national exams that will promote them on to more education and another stage of continuing out of the cycle of poverty.

We of course still have projects ahead for 2018 and we know that each one of our Partner Donors will be there with us all the way.

We have the final phase of our classrooms to complete!

We have the next phase of a new restroom on planning now to provide the Hygiene for the children and staff that is needed for healthy and happy people.

We have a great flow of other projects right behind these, including adding the orphan homes and a church building so the Glory of the Lord can expand into the community more and more.

GOD have provided for everything and we along with each of you rejoice.

YES, the children are getting daily meals, education and skills of learning to take care of chickens, harvesting eggs, agriculture and proving out in real-time the model the founder Willy Ouma originally envisioned. Proverbs academy is near being a facility that will one soon be fully self-supporting and provide a long-term place for children to be safe, learn, grow and know the Lord Jesus Christ in their life.

This year we are adding other avenues of sharing what is going on at Give Hope Ministries to invite mission groups to be part of our growth. Help the children by inviting more partners to consider coming and seeing with their own eyes how Give Hope Ministries is the hand of GOD at work and help us bring back to their organizations and churches just what GOD does actively do to change the world of these children and the community with each donor and partners involvement.

We would love to have each of you go to the bottom of our home page and be added to your email listing. We want to send out quarterly newsletters, and give other timely communications to our Partner Donors as we continue our GROWTH to give Glory to the LORD.

Please look around our website and notice items such a Radio Show recording with the Founder, and other items that might be of interest as well, all added to give you and others what is needed to help GIVE HOPE MINISTRIES GROW in 2018 and beyond.

Remember to visit our Facebook Page as well and look for other added Social Media links in 2018 so you can share and keep up with what is happening as the LORD’s hand works in every way for the Least of These.

God Bless you and we are blessed by each of you,

Ray Smith