Blessed Progressions

Our lives often seem busier than we were design to endure. We don't often stop to smile, to enjoy a water feature in a park or the laughter of children playing, enjoying the day. We lose the reality of things which are simple, trying to find if there is anything different under the sun.

In the 2017 and now 2018 project year at Give Hope Ministries, the sun rises and the moon reflects the same light before us day by day. There is no doubt about GOD's invisible attributes at Give Hope Ministries. GOD is working to answer our prayers and those of our growing family of orphans and local children with his specific and glorious blessings for which we desire to share and give him all the Glory for providing.

The children needed a replacement bus, GOD, prayer and support of our donor warriors came together and procured and delivered the replacement school bus we needed. There were moments when it was not so certain such an endeavor could come to pass, but we had to trust in GOD and how he makes a way when no way seems possible. THE BUS HAS ARRIVED! We stop and give thanks for his Glorious answer to this very critical need.

There is no doubt it was as bright an arrival to the children as to the caregivers and workers in Busia Uganda and the Board of Directors in the USA and the Founder to go from a small, constantly needing maintenance vehicle with to many kilometers to count to a Diesel Bus that seats up to 40 children and again shows the community what GOD, Prayer and the needs to be fulfilled granted by the promise that GOD will always provide for the needs of his children.

We also were blessed to progress on the completion of more Classrooms. As Give Hope Ministries continues to grow to nearly 300 wonderful blessings of children which are eager to learn, to share and receive the Hope that is from our Lord through Jesus Christ we needed more Classrooms. The current Classrooms are built, have roofs and now the interior items are under completion. These Classrooms have tile Floors so the children can focus on their educations and learning and don't have to concern themselves with the outside world of rain, heat and dirt that are found so many places. Again, GOD does not just give the minimum, GOD goes above and beyond all we can ask or think.

Blessed and Progress is also realized by a new Toilet facility for the Children with flushing water and septic system. Unlike the common previous system which is like a Military Latrine, this one will use a combination of our old hand dug well and rain water run off, a pump and will use gravity to flush to a septic tank which can then be routinely emptied by a local Septic cleaning service.

This really helps to keep the grounds and the water table clear of waste products and provides a healthier place for the children to learn, play and grow. The project still has a bit to go for completion, but the building and the septic tank are completed and now the water system is under design and waiting on the next round of donations from our donor partners to complete that project. GOD has provided and will certainly provide again for the needs as he sees fit.

The blessings continue on each project with help of the local community. We always have help with the labor needed to build and make these things happen. They also are able to use some of the deep well water which improves their lives by not having water that needs to be boils to even have a small drink or wash or cook food.

Along with the Church community at Give Hope Ministries, this local interest and connection with Give Hope Ministries presence helps the outreach program and it also helps many see that it is possible to learn and break the cycle of poverty with education, spiritual, mind, body and skills so they not only have the Hope that is in Jesus Christ, but also the Hope that life can be lived with less struggle in the things which we need to live and enjoy and do what GOD would have us do, Spread the Gospel message, and Love our Neighbors. We will be launching a Bible Drive so that we can reach out to the community and let them have the chance to know Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior in the reading and understanding of his word and by the change in their lives.

We also are blessed to have a new Video coming out shortly, June 2018 in fact, so you can see what is going on and how things are progressing. The Founder, Willy Ouma humbly gives thanks to everyone that has been helping in some way. The donations given can't really have justice to the donors in our gratitude from all of us at Give Hope Ministries. We also know we must also show that Gratitude by being good stewards of what we receive and show that together, with GOD in the lead, we can change the lives of what Jesus called the least of these.

We have been and continue to be the receivers of the Blessed Progressions from heaven above, from donor partners that help, give and continue with us and share what we are doing with others and build our partners. In 2018 and 2019 we would love to find volunteer partners and one of the projects we are going to attempt will be a Volunteer and Visitor Center to give Mission Trips offerings to come and be part of changing the lives of those that start in Poverty, Orphans and see no hope, to the blessed, highly favored and destined for greatness that GOD has created in each of us.

We ask that GOD bless you as you read this, as you GIVE and as you Partner with Give Hope Ministry in every way, even if you are only able to give a word of prayer, GOD can multply any gift when given from the heart.

God Bless you with his exceeding abundant grace and his mercy.